I am involved in (co-)teaching several classes:

Graduate courses

  • 7e300 International BIM class
  • 7e900 Fundametnals of Building Information Modelling
  • 7m842 Advanced free-form design using parametric & generative modeling strategies
  • 7m885 Collaborative Design and Engineering
  • 7m836 Animation and rendering

Undergraduate courses

  • 7m4X0 Realization, exploitation and transformation
  • 7m254 Design and presentation with ICT

Individual coaching for Master (pre-) projects that are prerequisite for writing a master's thesis in the Design Systems group

  • 7MS15 Masterproject 1 DDSS
  • 7MS25 Masterproject 2 DDSS
  • 7M545Masterproject 4, design & decision support systems 

Past and deprecated teaching activies

  • 7M690(Steden)bouwkundig ontwerpen met CAD 
  • Computer aided design, lecture
    [compulsory for first year students: the basics of CAD]
  • Computer aided design, exercises
    [compulsory for first year students: the basics of CAD]
  • 7M254 Ontwerpen en presenteren met ICT
    [compulsory for second year students: the basics of visualizations]