CAAD specific organisations in research and education

  • CAADFutures
    Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures foundation, which is hosted by the Design Systems group. The CAAD Futures Foundation has the purpose of promoting, through international conferences and publications, the advancement of Computer Aided Architectural Design.
  • eCAADe
    Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe
    Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
    Association for Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia
  • SIGraDi
    Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital; South America
    Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design. Extensive collection of all conference proceedings of above organisations and other journal articles. Full access to all papers is granted from within the university network. (Creation of a free personal account necessary)

Other Links

  • Joint Architectural Network for Urban Synergy
    JANUS is a foundation that aims at improvement of communication between participants in building projects by researching and facilitating: design, communication, management and decision-making processes in the built environment. Scientific research and practice meet each other in JANUS, which enables new synergy and innovation. New innovative concepts are tested in building projects, whilst scientific research is underpinned by demand from practice.
  • John Habraken ontvangt BNA kubus 2003
    Op 12 november ontvangt prof. ir N.J. Habraken de BNA Kubus 2003. Met deze uitreiking wil de Bond van Nederlandse Architecten BNA grote waardering tonen voor de wijze waarop Habraken inhoud geeft aan het begrip Vitale Architectuur.
  • The faculty's not so new anymore Buildingink
    The faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning has moved in 2002 to its new building. Here you will find the website we made about it.
  • is a nice source of information on anything architectural.
  • Prijsvraag CO-OS Tafel
    The expired competition for a table in the new building for the CO and OS groups.
  • Design Research in the Netherlands
    Design Research in the Netherlands is a symposium organised by the Design Systems group.1995 saw the first Design Research symposium, there was one in 2000, and the last one was in May 2005.
  • ADMS
    ADMS is the post-graduate educational programme on Architectural Design Management Systems. Its aim is to educate a new specialism in the architectural arena: the designer of architectural design processes. This programme leads to the degree of Master of Technological Design. Part of the ADMS courses is taught by Design Systems staff.
  • LAVA
    LAVA or LAb Voor Architectuur is a site created by architecture students of TUE. Their site actually is a ring of sites, a so-called Web-Ring, with lots of interesting stuff on anything related to Architecture, Computers, or both. Please note that the LAVA website is no longer active.
  • DagCAD
    The DagCAD pages present the results of a workshop on Computer Aided Graphics, a collaboration of the Eindhoven University of Technology with the 'Grafisch Atelier Daglicht'.
  • De Eindhovense School
    The Eindhovense School is a specialized academy for the graphical and communication line of business.

Student Activities

  • Cheops
    the student association of the faculty of Architecture
  • OfCourse
    Construction Management and Urban Development study association Eindhoven
  • Vloer-e
    the architectural department of Cheops